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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Amir Khan

I did this some time ago but I have just asked Amir to have a look at this on his blog so have put it back up for him to find easily.
Hoping he likes it but we'll see.


This dog wanders passed my house every so often taking its owner for a walk.

This isn't actually finished but wanted to put it up now and finish it later, see the difference and hopefully the improvement. ! That right eye obviously need sorting out

New baby (not mine) !

I will have to start taking better pics as this isn't the best lighting etc.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

One LAAARGE post, all my best work over the last two yrs



Morgan Freeman Pencils

Jeff Bridges (True Grit) pencils

Jeff Bridges , pastels

Amir Khan pencil



Acrylics, Old Soldier

Ashwarya Rai pencils

Harry Potter digital



Lucas Radebe





The last three paintings here (The baby, Geisha girl and Woman in Turban) are for sale as framed limited prints if anyone interested.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Geisha Girl finished

This is for sale on the fineartamerica website , search under my name ,(karl simpson)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Geisha Girl

Started this tonight and loving the way its looking so thought I'd put it up before the pastels get away from me again.(see earlier blog, hooded woman)
These are conte crayons actually so not sure if they can be called pastels.

A walk in the woods

Added a bit of colour to this to highlight the grass, not the best thing I've done but thought I'd put it up anyhow.

Lake with pebbles

I went to an exhibition of Atkinson Grimshaw (he paints the moonlight) at the Harrogate Mercer gallery.
Brilliant artist from Leeds.

This isn't inspired by him, as I did this a few days earlier with no knowledge of Mr Grimshaw but as I was posting it , he was brought to mind.

Hooded woman

Think this is another example of when something just gets away from you.
I was happy with this for about 90 % of the time then the pastels seem to break up on me, and it was like painting with water, the colours wouldn't stay on the paper and any slight touch saw the colours merging with everything alonsgide it.
Having said that it's not too bad. The top one is the finished piece
Perhaps someone out there knows what went wrong.