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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hannah Hauxwell

From the same Yorkshire Dales folk book mentioned in earlier post I found an article on Hannah Hauxwell, the lady farmer who was subject to an ITV documentary.
When she found fame I always remember that ITV commissioned an artist to paint her. He worked for weeks and had her wearing her sunday best complete with hat. At the unveiling Hannah stared at it and the world waited with baited breath for approval from this very unassuming lady.  

She pondered and then said , "I like the Hat" !

This effort of mine is a 30 min sketch that I might try again sometime with pastels.
 The weird halo type lighting is because my scanner is acting up...or is Hannah an angel on earth...!

Two Old Timers

This is from a photo in a book about Yorkshire dales folk and the chap in the picture is Jonty Wilson who was a blacksmith in Lunesdale.
It is a black and white photo but I went for a sepia type look to it.

Would love some comments, good bad or ugly. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cloud skip and jump

I have changed this slightly and am happier with it now. Removed the grass and flowers he was carrying.

A friend of mine asked me if they could buy this (the other version) but as I wasn't happy with it I did another and they bought that one. He looks a little older in the one I sold and it was framed. However I forgot to take a photo of it.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Saffy again

Ok , so here is another version of Saffy (see earlier posts). I have done this because I messed with the other so much that eventually the pastels mixed and all the vibrancy of the colour was lost. So for this attempt (which is or isn't finished !) I have tried a new technique and better materials.
Firstly I have used predominantly "Unison" pastels with a little Conte crayons thrown in. Then I have used a fine grade sandpaper to paint upon(grade P800) for the first time having seen a member at the art club I go to use them. In fact she gave me this piece and it's the first time I have used it, and the "unison" pastels for that matter. So thank you Barbara, but when do the fingerprints grow back ?

Friday, 7 September 2012

Thames Barge after Alwyn Crawshaw

The bridge of sighs
Tried something little different with these two.Moved away from the portraity stuff (well almost) to see if I would enjoy it.
These two are demonstrations in a book on Acrylic painting by Alwyn Crawshaw but I have done them in oils.
The first one is of a barge on the River Thames and he shows how to paint it in stages.
The second one is to show how to simplify figures, and I did !
Meh ! as most teenagers would say.

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Just a quick fun caricature for a pal at work.

Decided to try again and add a few bits of background humour