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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I love this one, however this is just a mobile phone photo of it so it doesn't show it at it's best.

I had lots of fun with the teeth and was very happy with the result.

Not sure about that hand though, eek !

Here's one I can't claim too much credit for as I leaned heavily on the assistance of Tom Richmond for.

Its based on his Julia Roberts caricature and yes I did let Tom know about it and he kindly agreed to let me use it in such a way.

The girl in question wasn't that happy with it as her nose and chin aren't that big , tried to explain the concept of caricature but there you go.

I shortened her chin in a later effort but she still felt another one I'd done of her was more suitable.

Ah well you can't win them all.

Being compared to Julia Roberts and she wasn't happy......sheesh !

Just teasing ya N??????

So this is it coloured and this was my first time using some soft pastels.

Think I messed up a bit on the highlights of his head but I don't think it detracts too much from the overall effort.

Ha, I have just noticed as I write the diference in the height of each shoulder, think I need a quality control officer. oops !

Comments welcome please

This is one I did quite recently and it's shown here before I added any colour. That's a skill in itself isn't it , I see that (and you have to remember that I'm new to all this) digital drawing is very popular and I'd love to get into that but it's obvious that those that do it are adept at free hand drawing too.

Also the cost of some of that equipment if you want the best can be a little on the top side of aaarrrgghh !

Anyway the victim of this pic loved it.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Well I'm flying now with this blog thing never thought it would be so easy. So before I retire to bed I'm going to add one more picture.

This time just to break the boredom I'm adding as serious drawing I did about 3 yrs ago maybe less. Certainly before I got into doing caricaturing anyway.
I can see many faults but can't change them now, I just want some unbiased opinion.

It's of Mike Stephenson the sky rugby league commentator,no really it is.

Mike put Dewsbury on the map long before anyone thought of kidnapping their own daughter !

One time man of steel and world's most expensive player, 23 bob but that was a lot of money in them days. In truth something like £40,000 but not sure.

Anyway tell me what you think as it's very easy for family and friends to say, "Yeah that's good" so as not to hurt your feelings eh!

I e-mailed this to Mike at Sky and asked what he thought.....his silence spoke volumes.

Ok so I've just reviewed my first blog and it looks ok so I'm going to follow it up with another straight away so that I can show my progression , well thats what I call it.

This is one of my later pics that I've done quite recently and after much reading of Tom Richmonds blog and a few others linked to his site.

You'll never know of course but this is good likeness, he says modestly. I had a lot of fun doing this one as I got it right first time, as opposed to some that have taken me hrs and hrs. I'm still trying to do one guy that so far has taken me three months and I still can't get it right.
Suffice to say I'm still learning !!

Anyhow hopefully this will show how i've changed my style over a year or so.

First Blog

Hello, this is very new to me a first blog, I have done it just to see what people think of a new interest I have, caricaturing.

I was asked to draw some people at work and it grew from there.

Looking ay my first attempts I have to say that i'm a little embarrassed by them and I'd like to think i've moved on a lot since then.

I, as most people do looked to the net for inspiration and found the blog of Tom Richmond and was blown away by his caricatures.

Now I know Tom often speaks about the people that have inspired him but for me, I always look at his blog for ideas.

I also look at other peoples too but it's his I look at first.

Anyway I'll put some of my earlier stuff up first with maybe one of my lastest see what you think.
This is one of the first one's I did and now I guess you know what kind of work i'm into, ha ha.