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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bad Apples in Da Corner

Not stolen from Carol Marine this time , but inspired by her. Really like this style, thick and slapped on (with care of course), I must have a go at oils soon.

On a good note I have a new follower, Toby K.
If you haven't seen his work check it out he is amazing.
Click his icon on my followers list it will take you to his blog.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Dead Tree

This gnarly old dead tree can be found in a field at the back of the Community centre in Upper Poppleton Nr York

Watching and Waiting

Photo, that I took on holiday recently in Tenerife of an older gentleman looking intently left whilst sat on a wall.
It seemed a good subject for a pastel painting.
Sure hope she turned up for him.

Cop caricature

Another cop caricature for a colleague.
Dont know what his reaction was as I haven't seen him since I did it.



This  is a colleagues daughters pet that I was asked to draw, appraently she loved it so am happy with that. 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Laurel and Hardy

I'd love to say these were my work but alas, no.
They are copies of caricatures done by the great Jan Op De Beeck, so although , yes I drew these they only show that I can copy.
However now I have Tom Richmonds book , I will practice practice practice.

Guess that is what Caricature is all about ,the ability to be able to see the face , distort it , turn the volume up, as it says in Tom's new book and then put that on the page in a way that anyone can say , "Yeah I know who that is"

The MAD Art of caricature

Just got this book delivered today from top caricature artist Tom Richmond.

It is excellent, anyone wanting to do this kind of work should have this on their shelf, convinced it will become the bible of caricaturing.
Orders are still being taken on his website.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Leeds Rhino's

You cant beat the feeling of winning and last week , Kevin Sinfield and Coach Brian McDermot seemed to exhibit that perfectly. Great sport, great game , great team.

Two Pears

Well, I said I had to stop copying and I have kind of.
These are my own pears, set up by myself in my kitchen and with my lighting.
There is definite change of style and erm quality. I hope I look back on these soon and think that they are awful, but for now they are .....ok..ish.

From my Sketchbook

Just a few quick sketches from my err, sketchbook ! 
Two trees
 Click on any for a closer look.

Infinity Pool

Friday, 7 October 2011

Yellow Pear

Fired up by Carol's reply (see below) I tried another one (or two) and this is it.

A simple yellow pear but think its my best one yet.

Acrylic , Measures 7" x 5"

Caricature Cop

Still do one of these every so often, the victim, err I mean subject  loved it so I'm happy with that.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Flowers, crockery and an apple

Three more Acrylics from Carol Marines Blog. these are the last ones I will be doing its time to fly on my own.

Update Update, I e-mailed Carol Marine to tell her I was inspired (copying) her work and she replied , cool.

This is what she said...."Karl-
I think it’s absolutely fabulous what you are doing. I spent many years copying the art of artists I admired, and it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Thanks for the heads up. : ) I am extremely flattered.
Best of luck to you as you go forward and “fly on your own,” as you say.
Yours in art,
Excellent , Thanks Carol

Nice Pair

Two more Paitings inspired (copied , copied) from Carol Marine's blog.
Acrylics 7"x 5"

Wild Horses

Thanks to Photographer Irene Suchoki for the reference, great photographer, have a look at her blog "eye poetry"
Dont know about that first horse , looks like a Llama , oops !