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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Cawood Arts Festival , third time lucky

So this is my third entry into The Cawood Arts festival and I finally got the award I've been trying for.

The best (painting) in show. It was actually a joint award as for the first time ever the judges could not decide on an outright winner and so a beautiful quilt made by Carol Jensen was also awarded joint best in show.

However I was very very pleased to be awarded the Dot Hunt Memorial Trophy for the best painting.
Here's the award 

 Here's The painting 

And the certificates.

Monday, 15 August 2016

The red rose which isn't !

This is nearing completion and I'm happy with it for a few reasons. None more so than the fact that I've been able to get the process right first time. 
As a friend said, I'm beginning to get my own recognisable style.

That comes with repeating the process the same way each time.

So I did say it's nearing completion. It's just lacking the title aspect. The photo reference from "LiveModelBooks" which I based the painting shows the female holding a bunch of Roses behind her back. 

She also has an earring. 

Both the roses and the earring may or may not make the cut ! 😱

Oil painting on canvas , measures 24"X 16" 
Price from The Bare Wall gallery ,Thorganby 

Ok so , no red roses, there were but now there isn't. 

This is done. 

Just needs a frame 

She got that earring though