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Thursday, 2 November 2017

One Boy and his Dog

I found the reference photo for this in a 1961 Photography yearbook and the photographer was renowned Herefordshire man , Derek Evans who passed away in 2009. 

He donated his archive to the local council and they are currently sorting them all out for an exhibition.

I contacted them about this and they are happy that I use and sell it if , if I can. 

They do however insist that the image is not used further , for cards etc. 

I changed it about a bit. 

Posted By Karl S to  Monk Fryston Art Club on 11/02/2017 01:35:00 pm

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Boston Spa 2017

I'm showing some work at the Boston Spa Arts festival this weekend Oct 134th-14th.

I'll have some better photos later but for now this is a shot my my set up. 

So in order from top left I have a mixture of some miniature still lifes then , "Spiky Dreams", "Flat Capper" , "There Will be an answer" (tribute to Paul McCartney) , Charlie Chaplin 1 and 2 then a Charlie Chaplin triptych and finally "Enraptured" which is a painting of a young woman looking up at The church in Montepulciano, Italy.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Scribblings and sketches

Just a few things I've done and or working on thes last few weeks. 
Just had my Art Models 10 book delivered from 

So should get a few more figurative drawings done. 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Charlie Chaplin Triptych homage

This graphite pencil work measures 30"x 9.5" unframed.

I'll have it for sale at all three upcoming exhibitions.

Monk Fryston Sunday 1st October 
Boston Spa 13th-14th October
Carlton and Snaith Art show 15th Oct

Unless of course it is sold at either one of those.

I intend to frame it before sale so as yet price is unknown but around the £150 mark.

Offers accepted beforehand. 

Email me For further info or questions. 

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Boston Spa Arts Festival 2017

This will be my second year at this festival. Really enjoyed last years which led to a follow up enquiry where I sold " Lady Grey" 

You're not allowed to show any work that you've exhibited there before so I'll hopefully have enough new work to show.

Which brings me to my current work in progress.  

Sir Paul as a young man. 

Here's the link to the festival.

October 13th -14th 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Realism drawing

I cant believe its been so long since I posted on here. Time flies but I haven't been having fun !

Well maybe some of the time I have.

Anyway enough of the lame excuses , here's a drawing I did from a 1930's Photography Yearbook and the photographer was A Kuncius from Lithuania, I don't know too much about him but i'm learning a little more whenever I surf the net.
This took me about 16-20hrs but I've seen some Youtube videos that claim their drawings took 600hrs or 200hrs. That's insane.

Enjoy, thanks for looking

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Art Workshop with Steven Lingham and Julie Asher Lee

I often hear people say to me " I wish I could paint" , well here's a chance to learn from two professional artists.

Steven Lingham.

Steven Lingham is a British wildlife artist based in Yorkshire. Working mainly in oils his work covers a multitude of subjects including birds, mammals, insects and landscapes, and now adds still life and people portrait paintings to his repertoire. Steven's award winning distinctive style shows incredible attention to detail, and stunning lighting effects. His work has sold to collectors worldwide either as originals or fine art limited edition prints. Steven is regularly invited to paint commissions and welcomes any enquiries should his work schedule permit.

Julie Asher Lee 

Julie was born in the heartland of America. Her playground was the scenic woods and rolling hills of central Missouri. She was raised in a large family of artists and craftsmen who had a love for the outdoors and were actively involved in local wildlife conservation efforts. Her family participated in the rehabilitation of a variety of animals and birds. It was these early hands-on experiences that afforded her a greater understanding and appreciation for wildlife, something that would follow her into adulthood and her career as an artist. Additionally, her older brothers had a love of history, especially the mountain man culture of the early fur trade. Working along side them, Julie learned how to tan hides and make buckskin clothing. She observed the art of making traditional bows from bodark, in addition to beading deerskin bags and moccasins. In the early 1990's, Julie relocated to the plains of North Texas, a rich and diverse land of big skies and vast prairies. Living on a working cattle ranch has afforded her the opportunity to immerse herself in Texas culture. It is this rich mixture of backgrounds that gives Julie the love for her subject matter and inspiration for her paintings.

Self taught, Julie began her career in 2007 as a scenic artist for local theatre groups, along with painting murals for local businesses. She began teaching at a fine arts school in Fort Worth in 2010. In 2012, Julie decided to take a leap of faith and step out as a full time fine artist. Her career has flourished ever since. In 2014, Julie was commissioned by the Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum to paint murals and historical depictions for their new attraction, the Big Bear Native American Museum. This led to her obtaining a studio at the same museum, the perfect setting in which to view her artwork from sketch to completion.

Julie specializes in representational western scenes, landscapes and wildlife. She is represented by The Warhorse Gallery in Dublin, TX and The Bare Wall Gallery in the UK. For more information, or to purchase work or contact her for a commission, please email at or call 817-487- 2478. You can follow Julie on Twitter @julieleeart, Facebook or Instagram.

Julie Asher Lee - Biography

Art workshop, Friday April 14th, 9am until 5pm (Good Friday).
This is a rare opportunity to learn from two professional artists, Julie Asher Lee and Steven Lingham.
Following their joint exhibition at The Bare Wall Gallery, the weekend before, they are hosting a one-off workshop at the gallery.
Julie will be teaching an in-depth lesson on colour theory, which will include mixing colour, tonal values to render form. 
Steven will be teaching the various stages of his signature bird oil paintings from start to finish.
The fee for the day is £100 per person, which is paid in advance.
Space is limited.
Deadline for booking date: April 1st.
For further details and payment methods, please contact Steven via email:

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Nude male 2017

Apologies if this offends. , you were warned in the title.

My first post of 2017 and I'm practising my anatomy drawing. I drew this chap twice then painted him.

Oil painting 10x8 on canvas board