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Sunday, 21 December 2014

The best of 2014

I think this will be my third "best of" post, a collection of may favourite paintings for the last twelve months.

I think my personal highlight without doubt was my success at Cawood Art festival, First prize in the Oil Painting category, First and Third in the any other media category and a First in the pencil category with Jimi Hendrix.

The other great highlight was having the first ever Carlton and Snaith art club exhibition, it was a great success.

I started the year with this painting to welcome in the New Year.

I then completed this one of "Mother's Wartime Help" which received the first prize in the Oil painting Category.

 This is the Headmaster from "Educating Yorkshire"
 Some Apples in the style of Carol Marine
 One of my colleagues retired , A keen Huddersfield Town supporter
 My "Sticks and Stones" pastel which may yet be one of my entries for Next Years Cawood Art Festival

 Two cute Kittens
 Two Cherry Blossoms
 A Commissioned (which I no longer do....kind of) Pet Portrait.
 T'Grand Depart
 "Ballet Girl"
 A Tuscany Villa
 Sad Child

 Two Pet Pooches (I still don't do commissions!)
 Carol Marine inspired toddler
 I did this from an online photo I found and it captivated the Photo owner who became a firm admirer.
 Oil Sketchy "Prince"
 Jeremy Mann inspired figure
 Very happy with this Commission....( I don't do commission, have I said !)

My Cawood triumph...Oh you heard about that did you ?

 Third Prize, "Run to the Sun"
 Needs no introduction ,(but I will)  Monroe
 A Little Tree
 Lady of the Foot
 Time Traveller, based on the 50's clothing and mobile phone.
 My Big finish , Bob Marley and Ali , left me jumping puddles in delight....

Roll on 2015 !

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Some people feel the rain, others just get wet ! 

Bob Marley 

Sunday, 7 December 2014


Not quite finished version of Ali in charcoal. 
Been off work with a bug type chest infection and didn't have the energy to get any paints out.

Not the best photo either as it's under artificial light. 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Marilyn Monroe

Two tone sketch of the blonde bombshell.

What I get up to late at night when I can't sleep due to constant coughing , wheezing , sniffling , you get the idea , a man chest infection. 
Please don't reply with some health advice ! Yes you know who I'm talking to Ms B !