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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Grassed off

I don't know who to give the photo credits to on this as I found the photo this painting is based on , on an obscure website about politics.

I have done two other paintings like this , Cloud Jumping and Cloud Skipping. This is a a little more earthly bound. Which do you prefer.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

This is my second attempt at a painting of a photo I found in a 1981 photography magazine.
I first painted it about 3yrs ago in acrylics at my third or fourth art class and so I thought I would try again.
This is a long way off finished but because I have a wonderful habit of ruining a painting towards the end I have put it up now.

The photo is of an El Salvadorian refugee in Nicaragua and was taken by Mike Goldwater whilst on assignment.
Of course I cannot show you the original photo for fear of you seeing how bad it is, err I mean copyright reasons.
The girl does however have a mud covered face which I have left out.

This time I have tried pastels , my current favourite medium.
I think I have done her eyes slightly too large which is a common error as we always try to beautify.

I got some great help from Rod Ward a member at the art club I go to, who advised me to be bolder with the darks and lights.

Hopefully I'll finish it off without ruining it.

This is my first attempt and I love this painting and all its faults. It was the painting that gave me some hope.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Patrick LaMontagne

About two years ago I contacted (by e-mail) an artist in Canada who had posted a piece about art on his blog and how he got started, and how he became an award winning Professional artist, Illustrator and editorial Cartoonist.
The piece really resonated with me and I emailed him and told him so. He was kind enough to reply and took a look at my blog and gave me some honest advice and critique. I was a little crestfallen but so glad that someone like him had taken the time and effort to send a lengthy e-mail and critique.

The points he raised were really spot on and I resolved to work harder. Patrick had asked me to send him anything else that I was proud of.

About  a year later I sent him some more work and again he took a look and pointed out a few issues and , Yep you guessed it , I got my head down and carried on working hard.

So last week I sent him two more paintings (the ones below) and this time he heaped the praise.
He may have been getting bored of me at this stage and just wanted to rid of me !!!

I asked if I could put the e-mails on my blog and he said no...I'm kidding he said yes.

This is what he wrote.....

Hi Karl:

Thanks for including our previous correspondence. I get a lot of email, but after reading it, I certainly do remember your work. Hard to believe that it's been two years since we first spoke. Thanks so much for sending your new work. You really have come a long way and it's so great that you're still working so hard at it. It shows! Both of these pieces are beautifully done and you should be very proud of them. It doesn't surprise me that you're getting commissions and I have no doubt this is just the beginning for you. PLEASE keep at it. You already had the talent, and you've obviously worked very hard at developing the skill to go with it. We all get better over time, and as good as your work was, and is now, you'll be even better later, especially if you continue doing exactly what you're doing.

Congratulations and well done. And thanks for taking the time to share your work with me and letting me know that I may have inspired you even just a little. That matters.

Best wishes for your future work.


I Think he spelt his name like that so he can't be held responsible !!

As you can imagine I was gobsmacked then minutes later he sent this .......

I just went and looked at your blog and some of your other recent work. Fantastic stuff! You really have been working at it. I even posted a link to your blog on my Facebook page with the following text.

"A traditional artist contacted me a couple of years ago, asking for some advice and a bit of critique. I get that from time to time. He had the talent but needed a lot of improvement. I was encouraging but honest with him and he took it very well. A year later, he sent me some current work and the improvement was very evident. He asked for more critique. I gave it to him. Just yesterday, he sent me more work and I'm floored. This guy has been working his ass off to become a better artist, and while all of the credit goes to him, I'm pleased that my small part might have helped him just a little. We are all connected.

Take a look at Karl's blog. He's got some very nice stuff here."

he then posted a link to my blog.

If anyone needs me I'm on cloud 99 for the next few weeks ....

Monday, 20 August 2012

Digital Arty Piece

I was messing on my Wacom tablet and came up with this piece.
I did it about a year ago and kind of forgot about it until I came across it just now.

It's different I suppose, from what I normally do.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Beagle hound

Just had a lovely weekend in Keswick a favourite part of the country for us as it's out third visit there.
Stayed at a great guest house just minutes outside the town centre, called Briar Rigg house , check it out if you want to be spoiled.

Also bought some Alkyd paints so looking forward to using those.

I am working on a friends pet , Saffy (think thats the right spelling) and i am liking it so far.

This is Castle Rigg stone circle just outside Keswick and the weird pink haze, well I don't know where it came from , it does not show up on my camera...spooky !

Monday, 6 August 2012

After Robert Liberace update

I'm sure I will keep looking at this and add to it , remove elements and generally mess with it for ages but for now this is as good as it gets.
If you read my last post I mentioned Robert's "pentementi" style , I obviously haven't incorporated that here as I didn't have the trouble of working out the best lines as Robert did. Had I copied that then I would have just been foolish. (No comments on that please ha ha)

After Robert Liberace

Sunday, 5 August 2012

My own gallery

This is better than keeping them under the spare bed !

After Robert Liberace

In the June July 2012 issue of International Artist there is a feature on the artist Robert Liberace and his "pentementi" style of painting.

This is one of my favourites in that article and here is my version. I am still learning and love to copy other artists work. As Robert says in the article , "Style usually begins by emulating some other artist"

He goes on to say that ultimately your own style will develop , I'm working towards that.

Oil 12x8
I hope to put up the finished painting soon.

It isn't the best photo as it was taken under interior lighting.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Four Apples

Oil Painting 12"x8" 
This started out as a painting of two pears but went horribly wrong. Thats the beauty of oils I guess. Paint over start again.