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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Best of 2013

Its time for my second annual post , wooh !.
In truth its a cheat poast because there is nothing new here, its more like one of those looking back episodes, where you get a new programme for no effort.

Well this is the same, a new post with no new material.

There is this little news though, I have aquired two new followers this year , taking me to the dizzy heights of 16 ! and I have had (in total, not just this year)  over 16000 views of the blog.
I have posted 85 times this year including this one.

I joined "Daily Paintworks" an American online art selling site , (see link to the right) and sold 13 paintings to the USA, Australia and Norway. Ok so i'm not making any great money but its nice to think that strangers appreciate my efforts as well as friends and family.

Okay so onto what i think is my best work of the year.

 I still like to do the odd caricature, now and then !


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