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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Argentine Tango after Fabian Perez

When I first started painting seriously about four years ago I excitedly got hold of large canvasses and rushed into copying great paintings and painters I liked. Fabian Perez very much fitted into that list. 
I started this painting a few years ago then pushed it aside when I felt I couldn't add to it anymore. 
I'd started it in acrylics  and it got to a point where I wasn't able to finish it and it sat in the corner of my room staring at me daring to pick it up again. 
As I progressed larger canvasses then intimidated me so I got smaller and smaller , all the while with this and a few other paintings sitting in my subconscious waiting to be finished. 
I mentioned this to another art club friend who gave me the encouragement to got back to larger ones with a lovely comment last week. "You're getting good at this aren't you ," 
So I finally picked it back up last night and finished it with a liberal addition of oils having taken some tuition from a good couple of friends in the use of oils. 

This measures 20x16 inches or 50x40 cm approx. 

On the mantelpiece to show the size better.

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