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Friday, 10 June 2016

The Letter or Chores List

I am always on the lookout for reference photos and I have several old Photography books from the 40's 60's and 70's and some I borrow.

From one such photo I painted this girl looking adoringly up at her mother.

I had cut the mother from my painting and called her "Mothers Lil helper"

However I have been planning to paint the mother for some time on her own painting and have now done so.

I was going to call it "Chores List" but as I literally laid down the last brushstroke on the "chores list" it occurred to me it could be more to it than a chores list.

The girl could now be listening intently as Mother reads a letter from Father serving at the front.
Just a thought, what do you think ?

The photo ...

My second painting of the Mother ..

I haven't inclined her head as much but you get the drift.

Unfortunately I've forgotten who took this photo and the book on this occasion wasn't mine. 

Update..The photo was taken by M.Gray. 

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