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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Just a cherry , just a strange world.

Isn't the world a weird and wonderful place. Sometimes the cosmos or the Matrix just weirds out and surprises you. 

I sold a small painting at the Carlton Art exhbition on Sunday but no one took the buyers details which was a but disappointing as she failed to take the tiny easel that came with the painting to display it. 

I'd also forgotten to take a photo of it before letting it find a new home.  I had only just finished the painting on the Friday before the show and it was still a bit wet which worried me a little. 

I made some enqs but no one knew who bought it so I thought the trail was dead. 

However on coming home this evening, very much later than usual because I was busy at work , I waved a dog walker across the road in front of me who gave me a perculiar smile and then suddenly appeared in front of me as I got out of my car on my drive.

"Are you the artist." She asked 

Yes I replied and there followed a little coversation where she identified herself as the buyer of "Just a Cherry" but there was a problem she said nervously. 

Her grandson had touched the surface and it had smudged. 

No problem said I . I'll take it back and repair it, dry it out throughly and hand it back with the easel in a few days time.  

Had I been off work on time I wouldn't have seen this lady out walking her dog. 

Strange world. Strange Matrix ! Or whatever it is.  

Said painting complete with soon to be removed smudge.  

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