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Thursday, 3 July 2014

On the Easel, Marilyn Monroe not Debbie Harry

I was asked to do a drawing of Marilyn Monroe but wasn't given any reference, my choice. 
So knowing obviously she is a legend and was always perfectly turned out I found a photo where she wasn't. 
Now you may be thinking to yourself that it doesn't look much like the great Marylyn but does look like Debbie Harry from Blondie as quite a few people have commented, 

Well two things on that,...
 A, it's not finished but I wanted to put it up so when it is complete the comparison can be made between this and the finished piece.

B. the reference photo doesn't look too much like Marilyn either. I think that's because we are so used to seeing her fully made up and ready for a close up. Whereas this photo was taken on a beach , on what looks like a wet and windy day m with very little make up, but it appealed to me. 


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