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Thursday, 23 August 2012

This is my second attempt at a painting of a photo I found in a 1981 photography magazine.
I first painted it about 3yrs ago in acrylics at my third or fourth art class and so I thought I would try again.
This is a long way off finished but because I have a wonderful habit of ruining a painting towards the end I have put it up now.

The photo is of an El Salvadorian refugee in Nicaragua and was taken by Mike Goldwater whilst on assignment.
Of course I cannot show you the original photo for fear of you seeing how bad it is, err I mean copyright reasons.
The girl does however have a mud covered face which I have left out.

This time I have tried pastels , my current favourite medium.
I think I have done her eyes slightly too large which is a common error as we always try to beautify.

I got some great help from Rod Ward a member at the art club I go to, who advised me to be bolder with the darks and lights.

Hopefully I'll finish it off without ruining it.

This is my first attempt and I love this painting and all its faults. It was the painting that gave me some hope.

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