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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

First Blog

Hello, this is very new to me a first blog, I have done it just to see what people think of a new interest I have, caricaturing.

I was asked to draw some people at work and it grew from there.

Looking ay my first attempts I have to say that i'm a little embarrassed by them and I'd like to think i've moved on a lot since then.

I, as most people do looked to the net for inspiration and found the blog of Tom Richmond and was blown away by his caricatures.

Now I know Tom often speaks about the people that have inspired him but for me, I always look at his blog for ideas.

I also look at other peoples too but it's his I look at first.

Anyway I'll put some of my earlier stuff up first with maybe one of my lastest see what you think.
This is one of the first one's I did and now I guess you know what kind of work i'm into, ha ha.

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