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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Well I'm flying now with this blog thing never thought it would be so easy. So before I retire to bed I'm going to add one more picture.

This time just to break the boredom I'm adding as serious drawing I did about 3 yrs ago maybe less. Certainly before I got into doing caricaturing anyway.
I can see many faults but can't change them now, I just want some unbiased opinion.

It's of Mike Stephenson the sky rugby league commentator,no really it is.

Mike put Dewsbury on the map long before anyone thought of kidnapping their own daughter !

One time man of steel and world's most expensive player, 23 bob but that was a lot of money in them days. In truth something like £40,000 but not sure.

Anyway tell me what you think as it's very easy for family and friends to say, "Yeah that's good" so as not to hurt your feelings eh!

I e-mailed this to Mike at Sky and asked what he thought.....his silence spoke volumes.

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  1. Think he would have just been busy as he,s still lots in the rugby field. Remember him well , there a good pic in a supplement this week , Dews, Reporter.
    He,s a prtner in the Station, [pub] Dewsbury. Can,t comment on ALL but great talent xxxxxxxxx


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