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Monday, 18 June 2012

Two Nudes

I haven't posted for a while , been so busy with work. I did these about two weeks ago and they took about 15 mins each. I was going to say they are charcoal but i'd be lying they are a dark grey pastel on pastel paper and are approx 40cm x 27cm.
It's not something I have done a lot of but all the best books and artists say you must perfect the human form.

I don't have a model so many thanks to the website

On the first one you can still see my original line for the right side of the body (the front) but I changed it when I realized that I wouldn't get all her leg in.

On the second one , I kind of made the same mistake but I wasn't too bothered about that because I knew for the beginning that I wouldn't be getting all her arms in so missing a bit of knee didn't seem to matter too much.

Comments welcome and thanks for looking.

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